Our New Food Menu Launches Wednesday!

We are really excited to share with you our new in-house food menu, launching this Wednesday July 16th. Designed by Gavin Lansdale, of Ford’s Filling Station-fame, this is a rustic and seasonally-driven menu that not only complements the coffee beautifully, but is a beauty to behold all its own. Wednesday’s menu will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned…

Chef Gavin Lansdale

Chef Gavin Lansdale

Our Glass Take-Away Program Has Evolved.

One of the fundamental aspects of the mission of Bar Nine is to better our community through sustainable practices. We have employed this belief in multiple ways, from utilizing solar energy, compostable packaging, to our glass jar take-away program, which up until now had been deposit based, a $1 charge with a new jar upon trade-in.

We are really excited to announce that, from now on, glass jars are free.

Our commitment to this program has always been beyond covering costs for take-away, it runs deeper than that. There are 58 billion paper cups thrown out every year from coffee shops alone. We do not want to participate in that. As a small business, we have the power to affect change in our community in an immediate way. We have limited the use of paper consumption to a bare minimum. Our entire establishment with food service, coffee, and roasting works cumulatively has just a single bag of trash a day. The glass jars are still and will continue to be recycled back into service, so please keep bringing them back.

To further promote re-using the jars, we are also announcing an incentive program to go with the jars. Bring us back a case of jars (one clean dozen), and we will comp you a beverage. It’s our way of saying thank you.

Here’s to progress.

Let’s Toast.

We’ve just rolled out some killer new additions to our in-house food menu with some Farmer’s Market-driven savory toasts. This week we’ve been featuring an Avocado + Radish Toast and an Heirloom Tomato with Fresh Herbed Goat Cheese, both on Multigrain from Bread Lounge. It’s a delicious way to start (or continue) the day, and is being served every day in the morning hours. Check it out and stay tuned for more food menu transformation…


Save the Date! June 20th is our next Social Club

Our 2nd Social Club is happening. Friday June 20th from 7-10 PM. There will be a live performance by jazz saxophonist Ann Patterson, lead to the excellent Maiden Voyage jazz band. Johan Stein will be serving up a beautiful menu of New Orleans-style cocktails, and Bar Nine will be making some delicious and creative bar snacks and drinking vinegars. $15 entry, then comped drinks through the evening. Come join the club. To RSVP, send an e-mail to social@barninecollective.com

social club june

Introducing Hazelnut Cashew Milk.

Our hazelnut milk revolution is taking on an evolution.

We have been excited about the flavors we have been getting from our non-dairy alternative, our house-made hazelnut milk. It’s been pairing with coffee beautifully and taking the next step in non-dairy + espresso development. But being people with a relentless pursuit to perfect, we have modified the recipe and are introducing our new Hazelnut Cashew Milk.

The accent of cashew has rounded out the taste, adding a buttery sweetness to the finish. It’s more neutralized and better mimics the whole milk experience. Throw in some dates and sea salt, and you have as beautiful of a non-dairy milk that we feel is currently on the market. Get in and get some.