Next Week

A few months ago we decided to begin inviting people into our space for a very unofficial soft open that quickly became practically a full-service operation. We are astounded at the community support we have felt thus far. We learned a lot during that trial run of who our guests are, how we can better serve them, and who we want to be as we grow. Early this week we have our very last inspection, with probable opening on Tuesday. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

-our coffee menu and service in full force
-a lovely menu of oolong tea
-house made baked goods and savory morning fare
-weekly public cuppings on Sunday
-community events and social experiences
-classes running for the home barista
-and an environment that celebrates the best coffees of the moment

We look forward to greeting you soon.

Opening Imminent!

We first want to thank everyone who came out last night to celebrate our opening. It was truly a spectacle, far exceeding our expectations. We have the most wonderful guests we could have ever hoped for. Big thanks to Angel City for supplying beer for the evening, definitely helped with that tangible buzz we all were feeling (earthquakes aside). Kogi Truck, Coolhaus, and Red Truck Juice Co absolutely killed it. Such beautiful product by all three, it really elevated the experience.

We are just a few days away from official launch. After our final approval is signed off sometime this week, we will post another update. We look forward to serving you soon.

Opening Celebration on March 28th!

We are thrilled to celebrate our opening on the evening of Friday March 28th! From 6-10PM we will be celebrating. Food served by Korean BBQ fusion amazingness Kogi Truck, the delectable ice cream sandwiches from Cool Haus Truck, fresh and beautiful raw pressed juice from Red Truck Juice Co, beer generously provided by Angel City Brewery, complementary coffee beverages, great music, and community. It’s going to be a really fun night and is open for all to come! The actual day of opening is still TBD but is imminent!


Big Western Barista Competition Rocking DTLA this Weekend

This weekend is the Big Western Regional Barista Competition and Brewers Cup, an exciting 3-day event featuring some of the biggest names in coffee. The event is being held at Lot 613 in Downtown Los Angeles. We have 3 lovely people representing Bar Nine, all doing their first run on Friday.

First up is Mr. Peter Flores, our entry into the Barista Competition.
Peter is competing with Fazenda Mariano, an intensely gorgeous pulped natural peaberry from Brazil. It’s going to surprise a lot of people.

Then in Brewers Cup, we are represented by our educator Peter Molignano, who will be rocking the siphon with the EK43 grinder.

And last but certainly not least is our roaster, Mitchell Tellstrom. He will be kicking it old school with the 3 cup Chemex with an incredibly approachable routine for the home brewer.

If you are in or near the Arts District area, head over and check it out. It’s free to the public and will alter your expectations of what great coffee can be.

Samples and Siphons this Sunday

cuppingEvery Sunday we have our free public cupping at 12 o’clock noon. This Super Bowl Sunday we are doing some fun and interesting things for it. It will be an all “sample” cupping, featuring some new coffees from a few importers we love. It’s an opportunity to step into our buying process and see how we enjoy and evaluate coffee.

In addition, our educator Peter Molignano will be practicing his Brewer’s Cup routine on bar, featuring the wickedly amazing EK43 grinder and the Siphon. Many have claimed that the siphon is a difficult method of making coffee that is not worth the trouble. Peter is here to prove those people wrong. Well worth popping by to enjoy.

Shifting Variables: the EK43 + pressure profiling

Originally posted on Caffe di Mano:

There has been much discussion within the coffee community about the use of the Mahlkonig EK43 as an espresso grinder since Matt Perger, with the coaching of Ben Kaminsky, flipped espresso preparation on its head at WBC last year.  Being something wholly new, it sparked opinions greatly positive and extremely skeptical.  As we prep Bar Nine for our official launch, I thought it would be a good time to share our thoughts with our experiences.

Our set-up: Modbar espresso units + Mahlkonig EK43.  First, in speaking of the EK, it is now abundantly clear we are pulling a different kind of shot.  It has to be as our extraction percentages have changed dramatically, 21-23% being the range.  In addition, the dramatic reduction of fines, enables us (or forces us, perhaps) that we grind much finer than what is traditionally used for espresso (we’re talking “Turkish-level” here).  What does this mean…

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Altering expectations with Modbar.

Espresso Action

Espresso Action

When we were setting up the coffee bar here at Bar Nine, we had some ideas on ideal customer service scenarios. We made the decision early on that a lower profile espresso set-up would be key to offering great customer service. Too often there is such a barrier between barista and guest that making a connection with each other is next to impossible. In addition, the process of making an espresso is both a very involved process and one that is fascinating to watch. It took a long time to find the perfect machine that showcased this as well as had the hardware to deliver exceptional and consistent quality. Enter Modbar.

A project developed by long-time industry vet Corey Waldron with La Marzocco and Marco as principle investors, Modbar is a new and revolutionary coffee brewing experience. Completely modular with all the major hardware under counter, all the customer experiences are beautiful ‘taps’ that are designed for espresso, steam, and drip coffee.

Pour-Over Modules

Pour-Over Modules

This game-changing piece of equipment is also designed to be one of the most consistent ways of delivering great coffee available. Everything is designed to have automatic and volumetric brewing, essentially the exact same extraction every time. From fully repeatable pour-overs to the most advanced ‘pressure profiling’ system on the market for espresso, we are able to elegantly and efficiently serve some of the best coffee we ever have, and do it the same way every time.

And since sustainability is a huge part of our philosophy, we love the fact that the machines can be powered down at nighttime, taking only 5 minutes to heat back up to operating temperature when turned back on. Normally, espresso machines are left on 24/7, as it can take as long as an hour to heat the water back up if turned off.

We are delighted to utilize Modbar. We think you’ll feel the same to be served from it.

Pour-Over in Action

Pour-Over in Action